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Art of Fleeks’ Terms of Service


Last updated 2019-06-02


By commissioning me you acknowledge that you are over the age of 18 for general commissions. Minors have to have their parents do the commission. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a termination of the commission. Refund eligibility and amount will be determined by the artist (Fleeks aka Sputtelspecht -



All Prices on my price sheets and websites are for private persons and for non-commercial use only. Companies and organisations that want to commission me have to get an individual quote.


Unless discussed beforehand, I retain posting rights to the commissioned artwork I produce and the ability to post it to my galleries, or use it in banners/advertisements/etc.. (This will not include commercial use such as selling prints unless previously agreed upon or stated upfront).


The commissioner is NOT permitted to use any commissioned artwork for commercial uses unless discussed beforehand. However, printing or using said artwork for personal display is fine.


The commissioner does not obtain the right to mint an NFT of the commissioned work under any circumstances.


The commissioner will also be allowed to post their received work to their galleries/social media so long as they post a link back to either the original image or my gallery.  


Edits like cropping are allowed for use of the artwork in icons so long as credit is given somewhere on the user’s page, however edits to the artwork itself will not be allowed unless previously discussed with me.


Incomplete or scrapped sketches may be repurposed for either personal art or sold for profit as YCHs. If you do not wish for your unused sketches to be used in this manner, please inform me at the time of your order.


I retain the right to cancel commissions if the commissioner in question becomes excessively rude, hateful, or disrespectful. I also retain the right to cancel any commission and to refund you at any time.


Please contact me via Email for everything commission related. I can’t guarantee that I will see your messages on Telegram or other social media platforms. My contact email for commission related things is


Please do not harass me excessively for commission progress. I gladly give commission updates when asked, but perpetual hounding may result in a cancellation of your commission as well as loss of consideration from future commission batches. Please do never ask me for progress in group chats, always contact me privately.




At current, payment is accepted only via Paypal invoice or cash/card when we personally meet.


All payment is in EUR unless agreed upon otherwise


Payment is required in full before I will start your commission (this excludes payment plans  which are on a case by case basis)


Deals or discounts will be given at my own discretion. Do not try to solicit these things from me as it may result in cancellation of your commission.


Unless discussed beforehand, if the commission has not been paid within 30 days it may potentially be cancelled and a refund will be given.


I accept tips!


Payment Plans


Payment plans are available only on orders exceeding a total of 100 EUR.


A down payment of at least 50 EUR must be made before any work is started


Orders under 200 EUR must be completed in two payments


Payment deadlines will be individually discussed.


Commission progression will depend entirely on how much has been paid:

Concepting will start when 50% of the total commission price has been paid

Lining and Coloring will begin upon 75% of the commission being paid


You will not receive  your completed files or final WIP until the commission has been completely paid off. Already invested work will NOT be refunded.

Process & Revisions


Make sure that all references and descriptions are up to date and accurate before sending them to me. The commissioner is responsible for providing me with accurate, clear, and up to date details. Failure to do so may result in additional revision fees.


The commissioner must make sure they have all their references and descriptions ready, as well as be ready to send payment as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in the commission being delayed until the next batch or canceled.


I have the right to take minor artistic liberties. I will try to get things as accurate as possible but please understand that some things may need to be simplified to fit my style. These things include but are not limited to: complicated outfits, armor, markings, and accessories. Major aspects of your character such as drastic changes to  body type, build, gender, species, etc.. will never be changed unless specified by the commissioner.


I will automatically provide WIPs during each stage (concept, lines, colors, etc) on full color commissions.  Smaller commissions like doodles and pixel art will only have WIPs available upon request.


I will provide a maximum of two revision passes per stage, each with a varying degree of what I will and won’t be able to fix. It is the commissioner’s responsibility to look over the progress and request changes at the appropriate times. Revisions to a stage that has already been approved may require additional revision fees unless the issue was because of something I missed (a marking clearly visible on the submitted reference for example) .


Upon approval and completion, revisions potentially may not be accepted.


Please do not edit the artwork yourself unless you have asked for and received permission first. This rule excludes cropping for icons/avatars etc.




I retain the right to decide when a full or partial refund is appropriate as well as the amount returned.


Full refunds may be given if:

I cancel your commission for a personal unrelated reason

You cancel your commission before it has been started


Partial refunds may be given if:

I cancel your commission due to you violating the ToS

You cancel when I have already started your commission and made significant    

progress (sketch/concept or above)


The percentage of payment you receive will be based on the amount of work I have completed on it (ex. A commission canceled at sketch stage will be refunded more than a commission canceled at lining stage). You will get image files of every progress that was made until cancellation.


Will/Won’t Draw


Generally I am open to hearing most requests at the very least, however as a general rule of thumb, here are some things I am and am not comfortable with


Will draw

Any Animal, Plants, Macro/Micro, paws, monsters, mechs/robots/armor, multiple limbs, any gender/orientation, hypnosis, light to moderate bondage, most body types, tasteful nudity, pinups/suggestive art (pg-13)

Might draw

NSFW motives will be made for friends and mutuals only.

Humans/humanoids (not my speciality, but possible)

Taurs (not very good at those yet)


Won’t draw

Anything associated with hate groups, gender, racial or religiously insensitive material, political art, controversial symbols, characters you don’t have the right to use, illegal things (German law applies here)


I reserve the right to allow or deny things using my own discretion. Please respect my decisions on which subject matter I will and won’t allow.


18+ commissions may be considered for friends and mutuals I trust, however they will be reviewed on a case by case basis and may cost an additional fee. If you are unsure or would like to discuss, please send me a note via  

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